Torrent: Sheffield’s Flood Story Documentary

In collaboration with Tom Rolley and on behalf of Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust I am completing work on a documentary about historic floods in Sheffield, including the devastating 1864 Dale Dyke Dam flood and the more recent floods of 2007 and 2020
As the Producer I’ve helped to pull together prior research, contributors, and legal clearances, as well as arranging film shoots on location.

Pure Rivers
Live streamed events

We have begun working with a Yorkshire-based organisation called Pure Rivers who host events in Sheffield which are also broadcast to their wider audience on YouTube.

We record each session using 3 cameras, to allow the images to be mixed during the broadcast for variety. The live-stream set up was established by the Pure Rivers team, using their cameras and vision mixer and we are collaborating with them to develop the visual style.
Audio engineering provided by Ray Towle.
Second camera operator is Tom Rolley

New Wine Missional Leadership
Teaching videos

In collaboration with Tom Rolley videography I’ve produced a series of teaching videos featuring well respected church-planting and mission specialist Bob Hopkins for the New Wine network. Over the course of 18 months we’re producing 5 series of 5 videos capturing Bob’s life-long experience.

Post-production is provided by Tom Rolley and the New Wine team

Accessible Prophecy
The Prophetic Lifestyle Course

We helped Cath Livesey from the charity Accessible Prophecy produce and release her course on how to hear God’s voice. The project included filming Cath deliver 5 teaching sessions in front of a live audience, filming introductions for each session, and editing each session ready for release on the platform Teachable.

For the live teaching we used 2 cameras and recorded Cath’s audio via lapel mic fed into our Tascam recorder, and then synced up the image and audio in the edit. For the session introductions we got to use our new slider for our second camera, adding a little more visual interest and catching some nice lens flares in the evening light!

The School of Inner Healing and Deliverance
Promotional video

The SIHD is a course run by Network Church Sheffield once per year.

To help raise the profile of the course we produced a highly conceptual promo video 2 years ago.
The video was inspired by an Army recruitment video.

We recently made a new video to better describe the course and help people understand what it’s about.

A Girl’s Best Friend

Our very first short film together, made in the autumn and winter of 2015/16.
We devised a short piece using what we had- a flat, a park and a dog (a friend’s).

This project also helped us develop a new way of working and improving- to make a film, critique it, and then re-make it better!

A Girls’ Best Friend 1

A Girl’s Best Friend 2

The Open Hands Project
Promotional Film

We were delighted to be asked by Sheffield charity The Open Hands Project to produce a short film in celebration of their 10th anniversary.

We had the privilege of meeting many of the destitute asylum seekers who The Open Hands Project support by supplying free housing, hot meals and friendship.

Open Hands Project video

The Open Hands Project website

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